Three For Free: My First Tooth, Kirby Kaiser and Marcie Have Free Songs For You

One good thing about ‘free downloads‘ is that they attract a new audience. In a similar way to how shopping during the sales leads to impulse (and ill-advised) purchases, the bargain price tags of these tracks interest those who may have otherwise passed by. However, unlike store reductions, you won’t have to feel any regret for indulging yourselves. Go ahead, it’s not just cheap – it’s completely free.

From indie-folk to doo-wop to a song about robots and donuts in space (yes, really), here’s this week’s ‘Three For Free‘.

My First Tooth

Lifted from My First Tooth‘s upcoming album (due out early 2013) is the brand new single ‘Past Broadcasts‘. After making its debut on BBC Radio 1 earlier in the week, the indie-folk band are now giving away the song as a free download. Although it’s entirely free, it’s always good etiquette to leave a pound under the pillow if you’re taking away a first tooth, fairies.

You can listen to the single below before getting your own copy for free via SoundCloud.

Official Links: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Kirby Kaiser

XO Magazine‘s current ‘Song Of The Day’ is ‘A Little Longer‘, which is billed as a “Doo Wop track with dream pop sensibility”. Sung by emerging Chicago talent Kirby Kaiser, this free download offers SoundCloud users the chance to understand why this Boystown resident is beginning to catch the ears of bloggers worldwide.

‘A Little Longer’ is now available to download following the links below.

Official links: Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE


It may seem like there is a song about everything, but tuntil the release of Marcie‘s new album ‘Make A Discovery‘, the world was lacking any song about robots in discos with donuts. However thanks to the Boston-based musician’s children’s album, we can all enjoy ‘Disco Donut Robot’ and 19 other innocent songs.

You can download ‘Make A Discovery‘ (whatever your age) for free via various sites.

Official links: The Rock Father’s feature, Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE, HERE OR HERE

Which is your favourite free download?