Three For Free – Blondie, A Past Unknown and Acid Glasses

Free music can be enjoyed by everyone – young and old, and they are also offered by everyone – young and old. From melodic metal to psych-pop (whatever that is), here are three of the best free songs available on the internet right now.



When Blondie were in their heyday, artists didn’t have to worry about streaming services stealing from their incomes and the consequences of MP3 piracy. Although taping songs from the radio was killing the music industry, obviously. Here’s a legal free download of Blondie’s new song.

Practice Makes Perfect‘ is now available to international fans from their official website.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Acid Glass

As featured on The Line Of Best Fit earlier today, Acid Glasses is making his own comeback with new album – ‘Warmer Slowing‘. To win back the attention of the increasingly fickle blogosphere, the Memphis pop act decided to make the entirety of his LP a freebie. We’re all listening now.

You can download the 11-track album via Bandcamp.

Official links: Tumblr, Facebook, LISTEN HERE / DOWNLOAD HERE

A Past Unknown

Not content with only hosting a competition to win merchandise for simply sharing their latest music video on YouTube, A Past Unknown prove their generosity goes even further by releasing the video’s accompanying song for free. Thanks guys.

Cursed‘ is now available for FREE from PureVolume. A Past Unknown’s new album ‘Vainglory‘ is out now.

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Which of the three free songs is your favourite?