The Bigger Picture.

A is for Parrot at which we can plainly see

B is for glasses which we can plainly see

C is for plastic which we can plainly see

D is for (Doris? Davies?)

E is for binoculars I’ll get it in five

F is for Ethel who lives next door

G is for Orange which we love to eat when we can get them because they are from abroad

H is for England and (Heather)

I is for monkey we see in the tree.

J is for the parrot which we can plainly see

K is for shoe top we wear to the ball

L is for the land because brown

M is for Venezuela where the orange came from

N is for Brazil near Venezuela (very near)

O is for football which we kick about a bit

T is for Tommy who won the war

Q is a garden which we can plainly see

R is for intestines which hurt when we dance

S is for the pancake or wholewheat bread

U is for Ethel who lives on the hill

P is arab and her sister will

V is for we

W is for lighter which never lights

X is easter – have one yourself

Y is crooked letter and you can’t straighten it

Z is for Apple which we can plainly see

This is my story both humble and true

Take it to pieces and mend it with glue

John lennon 1969, Feb.”

— The John Lennon Letters by Hunter Davis.

Written by John Lennon: Letter 94, Alphabet from “Bag One”,

February 1969. John & Yoko did “Bag” performances, appearing on stage wrapped in a bag so that no one could see who they were. The idea was to show that the essence of the individual is not to be found in their outward appearance.