We Are Thankful For: The X Factor Seventh Live Show Recap [Episode 18]

November 21, 2012

Britney enjoyed the pre-show 🙂

So this is such a special episode and prepare the hankies because you’re gonna to cry a lot, believe in me! It’s such an emotional night!

It’s Thanksgiving time and our 10 contestants dedicate a special song to a special person in their live:

Tate for his dad, Diamond for her mommy, Arin for his older bro, CeCe for her sister, Fifth Harmony for God, Beatrice for her two twin sisters, Emblem3 for their youth leaders, Vino for US military, Paige for her adopted mom and Carly Rose for her older brother.

So here we go!

Tate is the first one to perform and he dedicates “I’m Already There” to his dad thanking for helped him to become who he is now.

This man is really emotional and I really love him, I would be glad if he won this competition!

All the judges seem enough agree and compliments with Tate: “Your performances are always so touching” says Britney; “You sing with a lot of confidence!” adds L.A.

but Demi thinks this wasn’t one of his best performances and Simon loves song choice but noticed something Tate’s voice was broke because of nervous and excitment.

For me he did an awesome performance, I started to cry from this moment since the end of the show, I didn’t stop for a sec. OMG!

Diamond is the second one, the little girl dedicates “Because You Loved Me” to her mommy: “she’s the reason why I sing!” she says.

Her mom cried. Britney Spears cried. The audience cried! And, the judges loved it. “You are the truth,” says L.A. Reid.

Demi is blowned away and confesses this song means a lot to her and Simon thinks she sings better than other older contestants in this competition.

Emblem3 performed OneRepublic’s “Secrets,” dedicated to their youth and spiritual leaders.

“Because it is Thanksgiving, I want to thank you guys for being an absolute pleasure to work with,” says mentor Simon Cowel but L.A. thinks they lacked of emotions this time while Britney and Demi are glad they changed piece and they did a great job.

Arin dedicates “Hero” to Aris, his older bro. When their parents divorced, Aris has been by his side and he has always been an important figure to Arin’s eyes, he’s also his best friend.

L.A. thinks the song was too big for him, Demi adds if she was under a record label she wouldn’t sign him.

Arin explained that he’d rather do upbeat songs and wants to just “be me onstage.”

It’s time of CeCe performance and I have to say her story or better the story of her sister really really touched me, I couldn’t stop to cry.

Kelsey, her older sis passed away in 1991 at 7, she had a terrible illness and CeCe knows she’s always beside her and she’s her guardian angel.

For the first time, I have to admit, CeCe sung with the heart and with all the emotions she could find, I really loved this performance on “Wind Beneath My Wings” and she couldn’t finish the last few notes, and the judges felt her emotion big time. “I don’t know how you sang the song after watching that film. Seriously, it breaks your heart,” says Simon.

Britney also adds that it’s really really hard but she was amazing, L.A. thinks her emotions are genuine and real and Demi is proud of her.

Well done, CeCe! You have a great voice, you should controlled it just a little bit, because you know how to keep high notes and if you put all your emotions in a song, you can bring home a wonderful performance!

Fifth Harmony wants thanking God for their meeting and for everything.

Ally tells she was born premature but she fought and her dad says to be born for singing! So cute!

“I’ll Stand By You” is their song choice.

“My critic is that it was great” says L.A. and Britney adds: “It was touching and beautiful!”

Demi loves watching the girls on stage and Simon compliments with them saying they clicked as a group and this competition wouldn’t be the same without them!

They really are amazing together! Love them so much!

Britney thought for Beatrice’s performance “Cashing Cars” by Snow Patrol, the little girl feels to be linked with that song and decided to dedicate it to her twin sisters born prematurely.

She didn’t think they could be there for the show and they did her a huge surprise.

L.A. thinks Beatrice is an inspiration for all the young girls like her, Demi instead are bored because she always sings the same kind of song each week while Simon thinks (and he’s right) this song means something for Beatrice and she is agree.

Britney ends with: “I think it was your best performance so far. It was very touching!”

What better song than “God Bless The USA” for Vino who dedicates these lyrics to US military.

Embracing his inner soul man, Vino left no doubts about his feelings for his country, receiving a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges. “There is something special in you and I see it tonight,” says Demi. AMEN! I thought she found him boring once again, she always says the same each week…

Britney thinks it was his best performance and Simon hopes he’s at number 1 on the rankings while L.A. is really proud of him and he says: “You are the truth!”

Paige live has been devasted by the death of her mom when she was 6 at Christmas Eve.

“It’s hard to wake up at Xmas morning and don’t have the person you love” she tells.

On new STAR MAGAZINE she also told that her dad couldn’t stand the pain and left her when she was 14. At that time she linked with Colleen’s daughter and Colleen became her adopted mom, she gave a roof on her head and a place where sleeping.

Sometimes blood links aren’t all and this is the prove.

Paige dedicates to Colleen a special performance on Britney’s “Everytime”

I have to say that Paige is the best performer on this song after Britney herself.

I listened a lot of cover on this song but any touched me as Paige’s ones.

First her family and then Paige herself fought back tears throughout most of the performance. “I think you performed it beautifully. It was really beautiful,” says Britney.

But the other judges aren’t of the same opinion, definitely I’m not agree!She really did an awesome performance!

If Britney said she was beautiful, damn she’s the original singer of the song, nobody better than her can say if Paige sang good or not!

Carly Rose is the last one for tonight and she dedicates “Over The Rainbow” to her 5 years older bro Russell.

The judges were so impressed they practically almost demanded the 13-year-old show them her birth certificate. “You’re an alien or something but that’s okay because I love aliens,” says Demi, to which Simon adds “You are the best alien I’ve ever heard sing in my life.”

L.A. says she’s a force of nature and Britney ends with: “You are unreal. It’s amazing!”

Which has been your favorite emotional performance of the night?