Stream From Indian Lakes’ New Album ‘Able Bodies’

Today one of our new favorite bands From Indian Lakes is streaming their brand new album, Able Bodies. To stream the album head over to From Indian Lakes’ official site — but we have a special message from front man Joey Vannucchi to their fans.

It has been the craziest couple of years in any of our lives. We finally finished tracking a new record, went on some incredible tours all over the United States, and met and talked to every label who had ever been interested in what we do. I can’t express to you the way i feel knowing that we havent released an album since 2009 and now the time has finally come to show everyone once again something that came straight from our brains and hearts. This record means so much to us, and i can’t believe we get to finally share it with you after everything it has gone through. Upon making the difficult decision to remain independent for this release we realize that the only way anyone will hear it is if our fans spread the word. We don’t have the money to pay for a ton of ads or well connected PR. It is only if you join us in our passion about this art and share it with everyone that we can continue to do what we do. With that being said, we are impatient and cant wait till the record is available next week. So we have decided to just let you hear it now.

To Stream our entire new Album ‘Able Bodies’ go to, //

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You can order the album here in various packages.