Review: The Final Twilight Movie, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’

It has all come down to this last film: the Twilight Saga culminates with Breaking Dawn Part 2 andpicks up with last year’s Part 1 left off: Bella (Kristen Stewart) has just given birth to daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) and husband Edward (Rob Pattinson) turned her into a vampire to save her from dying. As vampire Bella, she’s gained super strength and can bolt, break rocks and arm wrestle with the strongest of them. And there’s also the wild vampire sex! Unfortunately, there are also some tricky issues that arise: for one, the couple can’t figure out why their beloved Renesmee is aging so fast. An even bigger problem: the Volturi (led by Aro, played by Michael Sheen) have been wrongfully informed that the Cullens have committed a crime and Renesmee is a child vampire, who can possibly endanger the future of the vampires. This leads to an inevitable standoff between the Cullens and the new vampires versus the powerful Volturi.

If you previously weren’t too stoked on human Bella, or even if you absolutely loved her, you will dig vampire Bella! She’s definitely come into her own, and for those who were cynical of her becoming a “cold one” – fear not! She has some amazing powers and can easily be one of the greatest vampires of her time.

As Jackson Rathbone stated at the press junket: “the last 20 minutes of the movie are amazing!” Stephenie Meyer herself throws everyone for a loop. Without giving anything away (no spoilers here!), it’s safe to say that both Twi-Hards and Twi-doubters alike can appreciate the final moments of the film. I personally can appreciate the films, but am by no means a hardcore Twilight fan, and I loved it! Of course, in true Twilight fashion, the movie wraps up with a montage of “when Bella first met Edward,” sure to make any Twilight fan well up with tears. Piece of advice: bring tissues!

Will you be checking out the final Twilight film? For those who have seen it, what are your thoughts?