Remembering The Life And Love Of Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker

Everyday the world welcomes a new beautiful life filled with hope and opportunity, in return we have to let go of those who have had their time here. Sometimes it never seems fair or as though they got to have enough time on this planet. I am one to believe that no matter what, we need to always cherish the time, memories and the love we did share with those we have lost.

As of this morning, the world had to say goodbye the music legend, loving father, great friend and overall amazing human, Mitch Lucker. Mitch was known by many of my close friends who held him close to their hearts, he changed and saved people’s lives across the world through his music. He was the singer of the well known band, Suicide Silence. Fans, friends and family across the globe are embracing in stories, tears, photos and memories today, to lighten the darkness, I put together a gallery of photos. These photos are intended to help YOU remember all of the amazing times you may have gotten to share with this incredible human.

Wipe away the tears, put on a smile and use this to push YOU forward to accomplish YOUR dreams and change the world, just as he did.

View Mitch’s Vigil Here: