Question of the Day: Things Your Dad Taught You

The title of this QOTD (like a lot of them) really isn’t a question. It is something that I got off Twitter, so there. If you want to see what people are talking about, you can take a peek at this here hash tag thing called #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe

I am kind of hard pressed to find things in my life that I use that my dad taught me. He really didn’t teach me anything. Rather, he just set me loose upon the world and let me do things myself. In some strange way, I suppose I could credit him for teaching me how to be myself.

He was always supportive of my shenanigans but other than that, he pretty much left me alone. He kind of gave up on teaching me stuff because I never had any interest in anything that he did. Strangely, this didn’t wedge us apart. He let me explore to my hearts content and read books until my eyes burned.

I remember the last time he tried to teach me about cars and how he got mad at me because I left so I could go and collect ladybugs. We never played sports together because I would just go sit in the grass and pick dandylions. We did, however, build a skate ramp and welded a rail so my friends and I skate in our yard.

I guess my dad taught me how to be myself, and that’s probably the best thing that you can teach someone.

What did your dad teach you? Well talk about moms tomorrow. Cool? Answer stuff. Go!