Question Of The Day: Can You Tell Us 5 Things On Your Christmas List?

Can you believe that we pretty much have one month until the end of the year? CAN YOU? I am kind of freaking out. This year has gone by so fast. Not only did I not do anything that I set out to do for my resolutions, I did other things instead. Yay me!

Since we here in dang ol’ ‘Merikuh have done away with the feast of turkeys, we now mosey on down to another holiday that tons of people celebrate: Christmas! We can literally thank the Baby Jesus for this day. You know, because that whole, three kings visiting a baby born under a star on December 25th to a virgin thing was never done before until then. Yay!

Obviously, I am a real stick in the mud that doesn’t get into the holidays because I am a non believer but I am going to go ahead and say it: I LOVE PRESENTS!


So here we are, on the heels of Christmas, and I bring to you an early prezzie in the form of this QOTD. This question also comes to you via Twitter (how shocking amirite?), so maybe it’s not that much of a prezzie.

Since my Secret Santa is out there somewhere, here is a helpful list of 5 Things On My Christmas List:


A Sweater 4 Moo:

And A V60 Coffee Kit Thing:

That’s mostly a few things in one photo, so there. Yay stuff I don’t actually need!

Anyway, I am done. It is now your turn to get this show on the road. Tell us things that you want for Baby Jesus Day.

What are 5 things on your Christmas list?