Question of the Day: You Look Nice Today

I feel sassy today. Mostly because I actually had some sleeps last night and the people that make my coffee in the morning times did an excellent job. Also, Moo did not trample on me like a tiny elephant on my Serengeti of a bed, so that always helps.

Pretty much me this weekend

I don’t have anything to do really this weekend, so methinks just chillin in mein corner of solace with a nice set of brews and Netflix is going to happen. Can we get a w00t w00t to having ZERO plans?

Wiig-in’ out

I can’t remember who did the bit about how the older you get, the more excited about having no plans you are. You know how when you’re young and you try to fill all your free time full of stuff to do? Well, when you get more advanced in years, the less you do seems to become more epic and it’s totally true. So there.

For today’s question, you have to be nice. That’s right. You have to be nice to YOURSELF.


Today is all about being nice to yourself. Why? Because we all know everything is awful most of the time and you deserve some happy times when you come over to Buzznet. Your mission for today, should you choose to accept it (and you are or ELSE), is to say something nice about yourself. If you can’t say anything nice about you, then your task is to say something nice about the person who left a comment before you.

Them’s the rules. Are you ready? Yes you are. GO!

Say something nice about yourself OR ELSE!