Question of the Day: What Was the Last Nice Thing You Did For Someone?

Welcome to November, Buzznet! This month is full of all types of on goings and that’s the way we like it. Not only are the holidays in full swing, people are growing their chin whiskers for charity called Movember. It’s also National Novel Writing Month!

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My face still wants to do a naps. It happens. I didn’t even really do anything last night. I had a few drinks at a bar, I found a sexy toy in the bathroom, and my friend gave me my plush rat back. We also made a reservation for me under the name “Dr. Richard Flores, Astro-physician.” I was home by like 8, ordered some delivery, and then I knocked out. Yay!

Pretty boring night.

I wasn’t bored. I just think that I was probably boring last night. That’s alright, though. Moo was being a cuddle champ until about 12 midnight, when we started to hear explosions, cop cars, helichoppers, and guns being fired. I live in the fun part of Los Angeles.

I hope your night was more eventful than mine! That being said, let’s get back to nice stuff! Since this month is about being thankful for things and growing beard locks for charity and whatever else, let’s start this month with a “look how nice I am” QOTD.

Your quest today is to talk about the last nice thing you did for someone. Did you hold a door open for someone? Did you give someone a dollar? Were you dispensing hugs and/or cuddles for someone that was down on their luck? Today is the day that we talk about nice stuff SO BE NICE OR ELSE.

What was the last night thing you did for someone?