Question of the Day: How Do You Distract Yourself When ….?

Oh, distraction, I think I have known you longer than anything, ever. I am pretty sure that since I do this, lots of other people must be doing it as well. What exactly am I talking about? Sit down and let me tell you.

Oh Sweet Brown

We don’t really have time for explanations, do we? YES WE DO. Sweet Brown is lying to you. Explanations are pretty much all the QOTD is about, which is weird but if you are here, thanks for reading.

Anymews, do you ever get so busy that your brain just goes UM YEAH NO, stops focusing, and then decides to look at cat pictures on the internet? That is pretty much my life.

omg stahp

My brain is all over the place right now. I am nervous about things that I know should end up okay but for some reason, my brain and all the coffee in my veins are all “LET’S WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING!” I am not really focused on the stuff I am supposed to be doing.

Anyway, let’s talk about you and you can post photos of animals in the comments to keep my brain distracted from everything. How do you distract yourself when you are worried or stressed? Tell me things. Leave me pictures. Go!