Question of the Day: Do You Act Your Age?

I am not even sure that I like this QOTD. I guess that is mostly because I am not even sure what I am “supposed” to be doing with my life right meow.


This weekend, I went to some store to buy pillows and socks. It made me feel weird. Mostly because my old pillow was this:

Pillow pet!

Not that I am anti pillow pet, it was just really old and beat up. Moo ate the eyes off of it and it turned into this weird, grey shade of sadness. It was time for an upgrade. Moo didn’t like me getting new pillows because they take up her cuddle space, which is usually right next to me.


Anyway, I feel like an adult now that I am not using a child’s pillow to rest my old man head on. I guess in a lot of ways, I kind of think I am immature but then again, I don’t live at home or anything and I manage to feed myself regularly, which is pretty adult-ish, right?

What does “act your age mean?” Do you do that at all? Are there things that you do that make you feel younger or older than you actually are? Talk to meh. Tell me stuff. I am here to listen. GO!

Do you act your age?