US Public Votes For His Favorite Act: The X Factor Third Live Show Recap [Episode 14]

November 7, 2012

Tonight for the very first time ever the final 12 fight for your votes but there’s a little surprise/news… Judges after watched back the previous show made a decision, bring back in the competition a contestant and this is Diamond White!

I’m really really happy, she’s adorable! Even though also David deserves one more chance! He’s talented but damn, Britney’s category is the only one to still be with 4 acts and I couldn’t be more happy!!!! Britney Rules!!!!

The theme o the night is songs from movies… woow this seems a rocking night!!!

The first to perform is Arin from Britney’s group on “American Boy” from movie “Obsessed”

In the rvm we see before his performance we find a Britney really proud of him thinking he’s very talented and this time he really impressed all the judges: “What happened to you?” asks LA, since the last year the boy sent home and this year he really is improved “You are a different person” he continues. Demi stays speechless and probably she changed idea since the previous night when she called him “stiff” and she’s glad Arin took her advice and she saw him more smooth. Simon congratulates with Britney too saying she did a great job with him and adds: “You turned in a popstar, I’m impressed!” while Britney repeats to be proud of him and he owned the song!

Paige is the second one to perform tonight and she flies onto the stage, literally, for a theatrical performance Berlin’s “Take My Breathe Away” from Top Gun.

Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato bickered over whether the performance was imaginative enough. “Yeah, there should’ve been flames. I am so sorry I let you down,” Demi sarcastically says.

LA didn’t blowned away as he expected and Britney thinks the performance was great and the beginning was the best part!

Meanwhile in the backstage Khloe asks why Tate is sweating so much and the country man replies he’s really nervous because of public votes but come back to the competition and there’s another LA acts to perform: Vino Alan which brings gritty heart and soul to Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” from the movie of the same name. He closed his performance, saying, “Love will conquer hate. East coast , I love ya.”

Britney thinks his performance was really stripped and he showed his vocal potential, Demi adds the performance was phenomenal but she’s not sure he could be a number one popstar.

Man, he’s not a popstar but a soul one and also a bit rock, yeah but not pop! Where do you live Demi? Ok pop is popular contraction but damn, he’s amazing and definitely not popular!

Simon once again isn’t agree with Demi and tells Vino to don’t listen her stupid things and he’s proud of what Vino did for military troups and he completly changed in a week from a zero to a hero; LA adds: “You nailed it!”

Emblem3 perform an innovative mashup of The Temptations’ “My Girl,” Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” but once again we have Demi and Simon discussion… Even though LA doesn’t find a critical for them and just say they are actually perfect and Britney adds they made the songs yours, Demi thinks Simon plugged the guys with another group (One Direction) and she wasn’t agree but Simon won’t listen her congratulating with the group saying: “Every time you come out is energy”

Beatrice is a bit scratched of voice but Britney is sure the little girl will bring back home the performance and damn, she did it!!! “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls from the romantic movie “City Of Angels” (one of my favs ever!) is Brit’s song choice for Beatrice.

LA thinks her voice sounds like a hit record, Demi saw Beatrice’s connection with the song and Simon calls “unbelievable” that this young starlet is only 13!!! Yeaaah, she’s amazing!

Britney tells her few sweet words: “You have the best personality and you are very special!”

Jennel channels Joan Jett for a leather-clad performance of “I Love Rock N Roll”

LA and Simon think it was too much like the original. “It was a Joan Jett parody,” says L.A. Demi thinks, instead, she rocked it! And Britney (which covered the song too in 2001) simply says: I have one word for your performance: HOT HOT HOT

Tate Stevens makes Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” his own and in the rvm we see before his performance the country man says this isn’t anymore only his dream but also his family’s one.

“You definitely are a true cowboy. You’re a slice of America,” says Britney and Simon loved it too, saying, “Tonight it actually feels like you’ve arrived back in this competition.”

His mentor, LA, is really proud of the representant of working class as he called the man introducing him!

And now probably one of the best moment of this live show edition so far.

Lyric 145 in an exclusive and unexpected performance on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins. Damn, these three guys know how to entertain the crowd! Love them so much!

LA thinks the song choice was perfect, Simon replies saying it was Lyric’s idea! Britney adds they were really intriguing and entertaning and the hip hop group hyped Demi!

Diamond White returns to THE X FACTOR as a Wild Card and performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” from the movie The Bodyguard. “I feel awesome and I’m ready to get performing,” she says, all smiles.

LA welcomes back her to the competition and he’s happy to see her there again, he also says it was a really ambitious song choice but he got it while Demi seems to be moved after have listened the young 13-years-old girl since she still is a huge Whitney Houston fan, Simon tells her to be the prove dreams come true and Britney thinks Whitney would be proud of her performance on this song.

CeCe Frey performs “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor from the movie Rocky. Can I be honest? It’s been the worst performance of the night! I don’t say this because I can’t stand this girl but because she simply screamed and she was also off key in some parts.

The judges weren’t blown away (Simon also says the song choice was horrible), except for Demi who felt the song was great. CeCe feels she got it right saying, “I had fire onstage so that was pretty cool”

Carly is last Britney’s Teen to perform tonight on “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars from the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1. It rains down compliments from the judges’ table afterward as Simon told the young starlet “You’ve got real guts for someone your age.”

Britney also adds that after this performance the show can close since there couldn’t be any other with a better performance than her! And I completely agree with my Goddess, Carly nailed it!

Mr. Entertainment, Jason Brock, is the last LA’s act to perform with “I Believe I Can Fly” from Space Jam movie but the other judges thought he looked like a “Vegas lounge act” as Britney put it, Simon thinks he can’t fily and he seems like a singer of an Italian restaurant dressed like that! OMG!! Simon where are you find these jokes? LA instead thinks “Mr. Entertainment” sounded great.

Ok, now I really hope they don’t change the name ever, please!!!

From LYLAS to 1432, the five girls group finally found a new name: Fifth Harmony, chose by the public, I like it!

They perform on Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” from the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I. The judges are all in agreement as L.A. says they “nailed it” and Britney teels them they “Shined the whole way.”

Simon continues to see their transformation week to week and he could be no more proud of them!

I really really love their chemestry together, it’s not hard to sing together and be able to listen all their voices, but since the beginning I found them really great and talented, I think this group could work also outside the competition!

So now votes are opened and in the next live show we will know which is the favorite of US public

Which has been your favorite performance of tonight?

Are you glad Diamond come back in the competition?