New Found Glory ‘Sticks And Stones’ Anniversary Tour Hits LA: ‘Bruised & Broken’

Sticks and Stones is hands down my favorite New Found Glory album, and I can’t believe it’s 10 years old! When I heard they would be having a special tour to commemorate the occasion, I was thrilled to say the least.

Sticks and Stones was an album I listened to in my dad’s Ford Explorer when I first started driving, and I have some great memories tied to all of these songs. Last night at the Troubadour in LA I had the opportunity to relive all those moments again — LIVE!

The Troubadour is one of the smaller venues in Los Angeles, but holds a lot of history with New Found Glory. Guitarist Chad Gilbert revealed the band chose to play this venue as part of their Sticks and Stones Anniversary Tour, because it was a club they always played in the past when the came through LA. They also decided to play smaller venues on this tour in an effort to create special a experience for fans – and that’s exactly what I got.

As soon as Chad Gilbert, Jordan Pundik, Steve Klein, Ian Grushka and Cyrus Bloooki took the stage the entire crowd, as if pulled by a giant magnet, all threw themselves as close as possible to the stage. Within seconds a pit developed and everyone was in pop punk heaven. I took part in all of the action and had heaps of fun singing as loud as I could! I almost walked away with a bloody nose. You can see all of the madness in the video below.

The set was fast pace without too much chitchat between songs. NFG managed to keep the moment of the night despite fans constantly crowd surfing and popping up on stage with them throughout the night. After NFG performed all of Sticks and Stones, they played a set complete with a song from each of their albums including, Nothing Gold Can Stay. Hearing “2’s and 3’s” live was a special treat.

I walked away bruised, sweaty, sore and above all else with a huge smile on my face. #musicrules.

Have you evern seen New Found Glory live?

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