Music’s Fab Four: Who You Should Be Checking Out In The Music World

I’m constanly searching for new music and sometimes friends send some my way and other times i struck gold on twitter. This month’s fab 4 includes a sister duo, a blonde soulful singer, hunky electro pop gents and a pop rock band that will make you swoon!

Dara Maclean: She’s currently working on a new album, but I felll in love with ‘You got my attention’ while out on Winter Jam. ‘Free’ and ‘Nothing You Won’t Do’ keep me feeling refreashed in the mornings and humming along all day.

Capital Kings: You’ve might of seen their remixs floating around the internet. This electropop group is making a name for themselves with their ‘I Feel So Alive’ Ep. Grab your girlfriends and some dancing shoes and you’re set for the ultimate slumber party.

Ruby Summer: My favorite mermaids! Ruby and Summer are not only super stylish (Ladies, let’s play dress up together) but INCREDIBLY TALENTED. ‘Mermaids and Poets’ and ‘French Kisses’ are the songs you’ve been searching for your whole life. You just want to pack your bags and head to the beach!

Belmont Lights: A good friend of mine tweeted about this group a while back and I instantly googled them. I secretly wish ‘Halfway’ was written about me (SWOOON). ‘Too Close’ is another personal favorite!

Go ahead and stalk these lovely people on all those good sites. I’m sure you’ll be bumping their tunes for the next couple of months!



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