Music Monday: John Mayer.

I must have a thing for Johns: John Lennon, my swoon John Stamos, and one of my favourite musicians John Mayer.

Artist of the Week: John Mayer.

I had this extreme obsession with John Mayer after I went through a terrible breakup in the eighth grade (hehe): his songs just fit every single mood I was in. One song in particular was his song “Edge of Desire,” but I’m not here to talk about that album. I’m here to discuss the flawless beauty in his newest album Born and Raised. I know I should have posted about his album when it came out over summer, but it takes me a few months to let it all soak in. I listen to it more and more each day, and as I do so I fall in love with it even more than I thought I could.

The past John Mayer albums have been basically the same: love songs, songs with those deep meanings, and the same ole guitar sound that we are used to hearing. BUT this album exceeded my expectations. The more folk-indie vibe had me swoonin’. I’m a sucker for all things folky.

Listening to this album and trying to compare it his others is kind of an insult. My favourites are definitely Age of Worry and Born and Raised:

So perfect. Can’t even.

What do you think of John Mayer’s new sound?