The Maine House of Blues LA: ‘ You Were Dancing To Your Favorite Song’

Last night I made my way over to the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip to see The Maine play to a sold out crowd. I had a bit of déjà vu as I walked into the venue from June of 2011. That was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing The Maine live. I had always been a fan of their muisc, but something just seemed off that night. It had felt as if they were just going through the motions and not enjoying themselves. I walked away scratching my head.

Well, last night was an entirely different story.

More photos of The Maine’s set here.

There was synergy between all six of the talented musicians on stage, conviction in their performance and smiles on their faces! Front man John O’Callaghan challenged each person in the HOB to have a good time, even if it was a Tuesday night. He even sang “Some Days” from the balcony ledge. (I guess touring with Taking Back Sunday rubbed off on him.)

The stage lighting — although simple, set the perfect mood and accented the powerful moments of the performance. A stand out moment was during the “sad song” “Misery.” It happens to be one of my favorite songs off of The Maine‘s latest album Pioneer and it was my favorite of the night.

Pioneer is an album that I am thankful for mostly because I think it sparked The Maine to become what they are today. As a studio band they take chances, are ever evolving, and honest. As a live band they are passionate, engaging and above all else EXCELLENT musicians. They stand strong on the stage and in moments if feels like they are having more fun playing together than any of us will experience. They are the kind of band that makes you want to be in a band. They left me feeling invigorated.

When the sent ended John mentioned they would head in to record a new album and would come back to LA to play it for all of us. So new album and tour in 2013? Can’t wait. #musicrules.

Have you evern seen The Maine live?

Let’s talk muisc, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.