Life Update: We All Fall Down

Hi Pals,

Ever have those times in your life when everything seems to be falling apart? I have been dealing with this a lot lately, more so than usual. I’m so thankful for everything that has been happening but sometimes you just hit a road block. I’ve been trying to plan my next move in life in general. I’m trying to figure out if moving out of state will benefit me or where my little feet should travel next. It’s been sooooo stressful and it’s taking a tole on my body and brain.

I’ve been doubting myself, I’am my hardess critic. I work really hard to be orginal and creative and to be a postive influence in people’s life. I want nothing more in life than to show everyone that I could do. Not many people know this (Well now you all know) but my biggest fear is not being taken serious. I have nightmares about this. Rejection does a number on your self esteem. It seems like I get so close and then everything just shuts down and falls a part.

Thoughts At The Moment

  • Chasing My Career Is More Important Then Boys, Right? Let’s go back to the night of the 7th on Vine Street
  • Next Step Includes? WORLD DOMINATION
  • Coffee makes a great companion.
  • How does one sucessfully make their parents proud?

Luckily the new Aerosmith song, “We All Fall Down’ reminded me of so much. . It couldn’t come at a more perfect point in my life. When all of this happens we tend to feel alone. Like we’re the only ones going through this. Steven Tyler saying ‘ We All Fall Down’ is almost calming to my soul.

Everyone breaksWe all get hurt sometimesIn this lifeFly so highCrash and burn sometimesAnd I want you to knowYou are not aloneWe all fall down.

I’m seeing Aerosmith this sunday, and Cheap trick. Cheap Trick was the first band I ever saw when I was six. It’s like I’ve come full circle with music.

Remember to Keep your head held high, Smile on the face, EPIC SHOES and you can conquer the world.