I thought a blog of some of the things I have done since the horrible storm that hit here right before Halloween. First let’s start with the TWINS they were so excited that they got the Pumpkin Badge they wanted to pose with it 😀

Here is the basket of gourds my neighbors gave me they are so cute 😀

But of course the TWINS just had to jump in there with the gourds 😀

During the 7 days with no power and a total of 11 with no cable service I listened to WBAB Long Island on a battery operated radio just to keep in touch with the world around me and Finger’s the DJ [on the right] kept my spirits up. The funny thing is I googled to get a photo of him and found this one on Buzznet !! LOL

Of course my squirrely’s kept me company and this one got tired of me taking it’s photos 😀

Go away lady !!!

Driving down my block there were trees out at the curb but they were already picked up and the next day more were put out !! So much damage here in my neighborhood STILL !!! It’s going to take a long time to get completely back to normal 🙁

Coming home from the dentist on Wednesday I always pass the big house that’s part of The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that’s where many scientific discoveries have been made. I can’t get a good shot of it because I’m driving by and can’t stop anywhere. I photoshopped it to bring out it’s spooky look 😀

A short distance from there is the Billy Joel dock park, this is the dock where Russell Crowe was rescued from. Crowe has been filming the movie NOAH a few miles from here and he got lost in a kayak and ended up here getting rescued !! It’s quite funny since he is supposed to be playing Noah the man who built the ARC 😀

This is a house on the other side 🙂

And I caught the sunset coming through the trees : )

And as you can see we finally got our autumn colors 😀

I was driving behind a power crew from Palm Beach Florida, there is still so much work going on here from the 10/29 storm. I see so many out of state people here helping. I had to photoshop this one to bring out the detail it was dark out and I was driving 😀

How about a few funny things from ETSY, I think Hovis could use a fancy coat like this 😀

Or maybe Charlie, Jane’s cat, or Dusty, Kat’s kitty or Robyn, Lory’s cat would love to be a reindeer and wear these antler’s 😀

Or this HAT 😀

Or maybe everyone could have a Beard like this one 😀

Or even this one 😀

Those ETSY people are so creative and amazing : )

Well this is coming to a close but not before showing you my Thanksgiving dinner I made, it was delicious and lot’s of leftovers 😀

I hope you enjoyed my latest blog : )