The Law Of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving being today and this week it is such a reminder of why we all need to show gratitude through life on a daily basis! Below are the laws of gratitude and a great read for everyone.

Are you grateful for what you have in your life? Do you acknowledge that everyday when you wake up in the morning? You should. Do you know that the Law of Attraction includes the Law of Gratitude?

By having the Law of Gratitude, you believe firmly that the Universe or God, depending how you view it, is there to give you what you want when you ask for it, that you deserve what you get. You relate to what you have and act in accord to it.

People who lack gratitude always seem to find themselves living in poverty or not having the lifestyle they wish to have. They look upon themselves as lower than anything else and wonder why they can’t be better than what they are. The primary reason for this is that they lack acceptance to what they want and do not show to the Universe what they want or deserve to have.

There is no doubt that you get what you ask for and you get it in abundance when you put a lot of effort into it. By showing gratitude, you are showing that the effort you put forth was in tune to what you desired; and you will obtain more of that you wish.

You can tell people by what they have and by what they get just by seeing them and looking at how they dress, walk, and act. You can usually tell if they have gratitude by the way they present themselves.

This is why when you look at rich people, you notice they get richer. They have a debt of gratitude and show it everyday. This way, they are telling the universe that they are glad they have all these riches and deserve them. The universe responds by giving them more.

If a person does have abundance but does not show gratitude, he will eventually lose it. This is because he is telling the universe that he does not deserve it. When the universe perceives this, the universe stops delivering.

On the other hand, if a person lacks abundance but shows gratitude for what he has, the universe will see that and will in turn give the person more of what that person wishes. This way, that person does not stay in lack for very long.

If a person lacks abundance and does not show gratitude, he will continue to live with lack because he has not shown he deserve more.

This is why when we show gratitude, we are closer to God or the Universe than anyone else. And we get the rewards for doing so. Therefore, the more grateful we are when we get good things, the more good things we will receive. And in some cases, these good things will start coming more rapidly than before. As you create new thoughts and act in harmony with those thoughts with a show of gratitude for having those thoughts, the closer you will be to getting that of which you thought or ask for.

Gratitude has many benefits in that it can keep you from feeling inadequate. It can keep your mind focused on the good rather than the bad. You can think more abundantly by having gratitude. This is why you must obey the Law of Gratitude if you want what you seek.

Think about this. If your show of gratitude is strong, the results that come back to you will be strong. If your debt of gratitude is continuous, your supply will also be continuous. If you start losing your attitude of gratitude, you will find you whumill lose ground rapidly and end up on the losing end of life. This is why having gratitude is so important. It is so important that it was made into one of the universal laws.

If you think about it, without gratitude, there is a missing link somewhere in our lives. We know that something should be there, but may not realize it until someone points it out. The fact is that saying, “thank you” for what you get is a big step toward having a form of gratitude. But this isn’t all there is about the Law of Gratitude. In fact, there is a good definition of the Law of Gratitude that states, “If you are to get the results you seek, it is imperative that you should act on and obey this law.” This means that if you do not obey the Law of Gratitude, you will not get what you seek. It is that simple.

Other than being grateful for what you have, what is the exact way that the Law of Gratitude works? It can be stated as a natural principle that action and reaction are equal and opposite in direction at all times. This means that whatever we put our attention or emotional energy on can be good or bad. And this energy will eventually show up in our lives. This is one of the principles you must know and understand. Neither the universe nor our subconscious mind knows good or bad. Both aspects are treated the same. In this regard, what we put our focus on is what we get back.

The importance here is on putting positive energy out to the universe. This way, we are focusing on what we want and not on what we don’t want. You may not realize this, but gratitude is very powerful. It has a lot of high-energy positive vibration of thought. This is why I mentioned above that having gratitude connects you to the Universe or God, depending on how you look at it.

Without gratitude, you have no power, since the two connect together. And by using our minds for positive things, we are in reality using the power we have to produce the reality we want. So when we show gratitude, we are in fact producing high energy positive vibrations of thought. This high energy can only lead to one manifestation – great achievements.

When you do anything in life, you put forth the gratitude to make it work. If you set goals for yourself, you must show gratitude for having accomplished the goals you put down. When you do write your goals down, think of them as having been already achieved and be grateful for them being achieved. Your gratitude will be so powerful, so energized, that people around you can’t help but notice that about you.

Those who are not successful or do not get what they want are in fact pushing away the success and are violating the universal law of gratitude. In fact, there are five key mistakes or ways of thinking that people make with gratitude that cause them not to get what they want in life. These five ways include:

1. Abundance: Some people wonder if there is enough to go around for everyone. If your belief that the universe has only a limited supply, you are going nowhere in life and will never amount to anything. This is a major fallacy in life. In fact, there is more than enough abundance in the universe. It is endless. God promised us that we would have abundance forever if we chose to have it. The universe is energy. Energy is everlasting. Therefore, what we want comes from energy. It only goes to show that the universe will never run out of anything we want. It will always supply us with what we want when we want it. We just have to ask.

2. Non-resistance to what is: This is a mistaken thought or principle that people have. It keeps us from having the gratitude we should have. When we think with non-resistance, we are in fact having the mental attitude that whatever happens, happens. We don’t fight it, we just let it be. In other words, people who think this way believe they deserve what they got or believe that was the way it was supposed to be. Therefore, they limit themselves to what life has to offer. If it involves something they can’t do anything about, they just let it be and state that is the way it was meant to be. In this case, you can apply the law of opposites and think that there is good in the situation instead of bad.

3. No satisfaction: People tend to associate satisfaction with being happy and having abundance. But there is a difference. When you are satisfied, you accept what is. You can be satisfied without being grateful. This is because you accepted things the way they are and not challenge it. Happiness, on the other hand, is a state of joy or gratitude. It is a very positive and attractive mental energy. By being satisfied, you are actually limiting yourself to what you can have in your life. It is important to be happy and satisfied now. It you do, you will have gratitude and will be in the position for much abundance.

4. Forgiveness: You may not know this but forgiveness is also a part of the Law of Gratitude. This means you need to forgive anyone who did bad things to you in the past and even in the present, as well as in the future. This is especially true if you have a grudge against someone for a long time. The way you know you forgive them is by asking yourself if you can either wish them well or be grateful for them. If you can truthfully answer “yes,” you have indeed forgiven them. Forgiveness is so vital to our dreams in life that if we don’t do it and hold any resentment, fear, or any frustration inside, it can literally block us from getting what we want in life. Lastly, we must learn to forgive ourselves for what we do to others and our own selves. If we can look at ourselves in the mirror and say we love ourselves, we are on our way to experiencing the life we want.

5. Stop thinking: Unfortunately, people want to stop thinking after they get a thought in their head. They don’t want to go beyond thinking and act on what they think. They go into the steps of thinking, but they never act on what they think. Therefore, the key to having gratitude is by acting out what you think. What better way to act than to give of yourself or your time to help others? Obeying the Law of Gratitude is part of and includes the Law of Attraction.

If you want success in your life as well as abundance, you will obey these laws and when you do, you can get whatever you want in life and be happy doing it.