Get To Know: Royal Teeth

It’s happened again, folks! I’ve discovered a new band for your listening pleasure: Royal Teeth! I’ve been scouring Google for hours trying to find a band bio so we can get to know them a bit better but can’t seem to find anything except this from

“Royal Teeth is a happy accident. On a whim, the New Orleans-based band started incorporating samples and electronics to its indie vibe. Though this sounds mainstream, the band catches audiences off-guard with its memorable male and female vocal hooks. More than ever, the band has cemented its stylistic sound. Before, the lineup changed from show-to-show. Now, the six members are set, ready for royalty.”

Royal Teeth just released their EP, Act Naturally, this past May. Get it here!

Check out their song, “Wild”below:

Wild by RoyalTeeth

For more info and updates on Royal Teeth, check out their Facebook page.

What do you think of Royal Teeth?

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