Today’s world. How we can define him? Maybe you know? Try to forget about priorities brought by commercialism and capitalism. And what you see right now? A real person witha pure soul. These persons live beside us but we are too blind to saw.

I want to begin something new on my Buzznet’s account. It will be the interviews( true story) with inspiring and strong people.

The first person is an incredible Facundo from Argentina. He was so brave and answered on my questions. I admire him so much. Facundo is one of the strongest persons which I met. I believe that his story is big inspiration to fight about life and being happy.

1.Good morning. You are so brave young person. Can you describe your story?

Hii ¡¡¡my name is Facundo, i got 17 years old and like most people … I have problems and I still having many kinds of problems… When I was 15 I started to get the feeling that nobody loved me … nobody spoke to me … no one cared about me… and that my family would be better off without me around … but above all i felt with fear and guilt My family was worried … my mother was very worried .. she wanted me to join the family as always … but I felt that they were better off without me and I was a burden … I spent almost seven months locked in a back room of my house without speaking to anyone and almost did not speak out … even at school, listened to the radio all the time , I studied and imagined my life would be like if I was not what it was …. I dreamed with the day that everything would be normal… At that time i thought about suicide … which I didn’t made …. At that time I had no internet or computer … I thought i was the loneliest person in the world as there were days when i did not talk to absolutely no one …. And all this depression was compounded with a strange taste with the depressing music of a Chilean group called “Kudai” I had bought his last album (which broke after) and often listened in the dark and crying … My “salvation” came from the hand of an intruder … she was a psychoanalyst of my school… i used to hate her.. she wanted me to talk to her and tell her “my problems” and i refused . she made a complaint stating that I had no capacity to be in a normal school … (because I didn’t want to talk) … which was denied and I was about to go to a mental hospital. In some strange way thanks to the struggle that i started with the psychoanalyst … My life changed for the better … I grieved with half of my class … but I became a great friend of REST of my class ,who supported me and made me feel good all the time … from accepting me to chat with me… going to give me confidence … and become friends ¡¡ was a time in my life I will never NEVER forget … There I met Mariana … ( she was soo fucking special to me.. because she used to had a great personality…so was inspiring to me) time later and to my surprise … took his life … and i made a poem for that.. called “Coming later”. Anyway … I went back to live with my family .. talk to everyone … and I destroyed that album of “kudai” that I ever did was get worse my depression… And I have to admit … if that teacher intruder had no forced me to fight something … give sense to my life.. I have no idea which would have been with me … Well my life was normal … but apparently had to be “special” to develop a thoracic deformation at age 11 to 16 years … My mother was very concerned and she consult with a doctor … who told him that the solution was surgery … I accepted in exchange for a new phone and for no make more worried my mom.. surgery cost $ 10,000 Currenci Argentina … but I never knew what was coming …. I suspected when I was naked on a metal table “it’s wrong” … they injected me a liquid into the spine … they put me a gas mask … and then my life became one: hell … y pay for all my sins in that era … I woke up … felt I could not breathe well … had a plastic tube of blood soaking my chest … and it hurt … it hurt like never before had hurt me … I did not know that someone could suffer so much .. and I was suffering … My life was different …. again. And for this physical pain I attempted suicide again …

2.How you remember time spent at hospital?

with all the drugs they gave me … like walking on air …

3.What was the hardest during recovery for you?

For all … I couldn’t do almost anything for myself because I had removed major bones and muscles of the chest …

4.What help you the most?

A bunch of things … my family … my desire to get out of that situation … music .. friends … but if I had to say what was helped me most … was the patience and the hope of a better tomorrow.

5.How do you feel now?

At this moment I am really good .. I recovered but I still have some physical and psychological scars … well … life is a constantly struggle and learning … I am aware that there is no point in life where you say: ok .. I got … I done … and if there would be very boring … in life you always have to have a goal and always go for more …

6.Is it something what you want to change in your life ?

I think there is nothing so wrong to want to change of me .. (except for my nose hahaha) but I want to forgive and be more generous.

7 Can you share your dreams?

My dream is to live in Sweden in a residential neighborhood with my own family .. .. having a job (psychoanalyst) and search more dreams to fulfill.

8. Can you write 3/4 sentences about yourself?

1)-I am not alone in the world 2)-the universe would have a star less without me 3)-I love meeting people 4)-even in the darkest night you can turn on the interior light.

Thank you so much for this interview. I wish you that everything was like the best for you and I hope that your dreams will come true.