Final 16 Become 12: The X Factor Second Live Show Recap [Episode 13]

November 1, 2012

Tonight the final 16 become 12.

We will have four eliminations, one for each category: two acts go through the next live shows, the other two will fight face to face in the survival.

Who’s our judges going to send home?

The first category is Demi’s one: Young Adults

A little rvm shows us a recap of last night few some backstage moments: Paige sees her daughter again, Jennel is really nervous before her first performance but after brilliant judges thoughts she’s speechless while Cece is upset for her performance and so Willie.

Before to discover who Demi saved, the mentor tells her acts that she knows they caught her considerations and advices and she’s proud of them but there are only two safe places and these are for Jennel and Paige, the two young women in the backstage with Khloe shows their happiness and excitment while for Cece and Willie isn’t ended yet.

Cece performs on “Out Here On My Own”

LA thinks the girl did a great job and Britney adds the performance was very powerful.

Simon admits that the girl sang in a really great way and the song choice was good and it’s nothing to compare to the performance of last night where she looked like a clown!

Willie sings Ray Charles’ “You Don’t Know Me” and LA compliments once again with the boy repeating how unique is his style and he wouldn’t be in Demi’s place at the moment.

Britney tells him: “You definitely stand out!” while Simon didn’t understand yet in which vocal category to put him and advices to Willie to try to understand which vocal way following.

But it’s Demi to have the final word and she sends home Willie.

The boy seems really upset and he doesn’t understand why people continues to repeat him to be unique if then he has to come back home but Demi encourages him to never surrender and adds: “I have so much faith in you!”

The next category is Over 25s and its mentor LA Reid has to choose only two of them

In the rvm of the backstage we see David thinks he’s living an unreal experience on stage after have sung for the first time during a live show, Vino is agree with Simon thoughts, Tate wants to come back home with his family but to the other side is living such a great feeling and last, Mr. Entertainment, Jason is pretty shocked about Simon rude comment after his performance.

LA decides to go through Vino and Tate. In the backstage with Mario Lopez, Vino expresses his happiness feeling so good while Tate thinks his children are proud of him.

LA also admits Jason’s song choice wasn’t right, he knows Mr. Entertainment can sing better than last night!

So we have David vs. Jason

David sings a really particular version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”, it’s great also like a rock ballad. WOW!

Britney compliments with the boy saying you were amazing tonight but Demi seems disagree: “I think it was too forced” and that he screamed a bit and Simon backs Demi saying the arrangment was a bit melodramatic and theatrical.

Jason enchantes the audience with an amazing performance on “One Moment In Time” by the beloved Whitney Houston.

Britney expresses her opinion: “I wasn’t sure yesterday but today you turned me in a fan!” and this time Demi seems to be agree with Britney’s thought adding there’s something of genuine in Jason and his eyes and Simon shows to have a heart apologize with Jason about last night saying he wouldn’t be rude but simply the song choice wasn’t right for him and that tonight iy was million times better

But the decision is all in LA’s hands.

“It’s kinda like Mr. Entertainment vs. the star” he says.

Unluckily one has to leave and this is David which thanks the judges and says: “I promise you: thisis not the last time you see my face!”

It’s time to Britney’s Teens

In the video from last night we see Arin doesn’t be agree with Demi’s comment and he’s going to show her to know also dancing; Diamond can’t believe this is live and her vocal coach congratulates with her for the performance. Beatrice thinks her dryness voice is her fault while Carly Rose is ambitious about the future.

Britney puts Arin and Diamond in the bottom two.

Beatrice and Carly Rose are safe! In the backstage Beatrice feels amazing and weird at the same time, she was sure Diamond was Britney’s first choice and not her while Carly is happy and speechless…

Arin is the first to sing for the survival on “I Look To You”

LA doesn’t understand why he has to sing for to stay and it seems also Demi and Simon has the same opinion. The Skyscraper girl tells him the girls in the audience are screaming for a reason while Simon wouldn’t be in Britney’s situation and congratulats with Arin for the great performance and he was able to show his potential.

Diamond performs on “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World” and LA has a vision of her as a real future in this business, Demi saw the fire and the soul in this performance and Simon expresses his admiration for both saying that if when Arin performed he was sure to pick up the boy, twenty secs to the end of Diamond’s performance he would has chosen the girl.

Britney before to express her decision admits: “This is the hardest decision ever! Diamond amazes me in each performance so… it’s really hard!” and unluckily she chooses to send home just Diamond which continues smiling and says: “I still love you Britney!”

Just an only one category left, Simon’s Groups

In the video from last night we see Sister C have had a little problem with scenography: technicians forgot the stairs; Lyric 145 are proud to have got the audience, while Simon wants Demi apologize with 1432 and Emblem3 are excited and happy after have rocked on stage.

Simon before to pick two of them on the next live shows says to had his mind up few minutes ago but there’s no time to change his decision so…

Emblem3 and Lyric 145 pass while Sister C and 1432 have to fight for the survival!

“When I Look At You” is Sister C’s song choice.

LA thinks finally they got it right this time and also Britney seems pleasantly surprise (we all know she expresses to find them annoying) while Demi shows to be a fan of their phenomenal vocal sound.

1432 (formerly LYLAS) sings on Demi’s hit “Skyscraper” and LA is proud of them.

Britney tells them: “Tonight you got me!” and Demi: “You did it better than my original single!”

Simon wants spending few words before the result: the mentor says to enjoyed working with Sister C and to really really like 1432 but he won’t to say who’s going to send home, he wants to give a positive news for once but Mario replies him that this time he had to say the sad one and for Sister C the path stops.

But there’s still a last thing Simon wants to say: “We made a mistake about 1432 name so I want public decides a name for them!”

Let’s see what public chose 😉


What do you think about these four eliminations? Are you agree with judges?

Personally I’m only agree with Simon’s decision… I’m so sorry for the others, especially for David and also Diamond…