Ed Sheeran Releases Final Single Off of His Debut Album “+” (Music Video)

Ed Sheeran never seems to let his fans down when it comes to his music videos. Ed’s music videos are always very touching and heartfelt, and most importantly, they make you think. The music video goes perfectly with the beautiful song. Ed seems to have done it again with his new music video for his song “Give Me Love” off of his debute album “+”. Ed took to Twitter yesterday for the release of his new music video. Ed tweeted before the premier of the music video “This is the final video and single from my album, it’s been an awesome journey so far #givemelovevideo”

The music video stars the stunning Austrailian actress, Isabell Lucas, who has stared in “Immortals” and “Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen”. In the music video, Isebell plays a girl that becomes cupid and makes people fall in love by shooting them with her “love” arrows. The young girl that is reposible for everyone else falling in love starts to become very lonely and also wants to be loved. I love this music video because it shows how people who give love to others also need to receive love from others. A few hours after the release of the music video, Ed tweeted “Loving the feedback on the video! Glad you all like the gritty Cupid vibes. Big love to @emilnava for his amazing direction and vision.”

Here is the music video for “Give Me Love”.

I have already watched the music video at least ten times. This is definitely one of my favorite music videos of Ed’s. Hope you enjoy the music video, too!