How To: Dress Like A Rock Star 101

Hi, pals! I haven’t done a fashion post in so long and a lot of you guys were asking for one on my Tumblr! We all love a bad boy rocker right? I mean they usually smell pretty nice and dress fantastic. Here’s how to make the look work for us girls, who knows maybe you’ll land yourself one of them 😉

The Skinnys: You need a dark pair of skinnys of course. A new trend that is coming in with rockers is the cuffed at the ankle (Think Elvis Presley).

White V: The deep V is a staple piece for all rock stars. Layer statement necklaces to dress up and add the extra touch to your outfit.

Studded Boots: If your cuffing the jeans, make sure they are low ankle boots, if not go wild with the height.

Bandana: The newest trend is to place this piece in your back pocket. (Think Bruce Springsteen.)

Hat: The hat is what ties the whole outfit together, it adds that little extra edge. I reccomend the one that is rolled up on the side. Although, a fedora will due to trick, I got mine at H&M for $12.00!

Final Product: Here’s what it should look like when it’s all put together…