Double Elimination: The X Factor Sixth Live Show Recap [Episode 17]

November 15, 2012

Results night in the 17th episode of The X Factor plus most anticipated Taylor Swift performance.

“This is not gonna be easy” says Demi in a video interview.

You are right Demi, since tonight we’re having a double elimination: the pressure is really high among contestants; one act will immediately leave the competiton while the second one has to fight in the survival with another act.

In a video recap of last night we see all contestants and acts thoughts before and after the performances. Demi is proud of Jennel, Diamond is happy but still nervous for the results, Beatrice rejoices: “Britney is the best!”, Simond defends Lyric 145 saying they arranged the song in few hours before the live show while Paige is doing all this for her mom and her daughter and Tate conforts CeCe after the bad performance.

So here we are… Mario announces the first act which has to leave the competition, and this is…. but sigh with relief, we will know it after the break!

The adrenaline is always higher and damn the act which got lowest number of votes is Lyric 145

WHAT?!?!!??!!? Are you kidding me? Lyric 145 witgh the lowest number of votes? US people are deaf or what? Seriously I’m speechless!

Lyric doesn’t appear so upset but with a smile on her face thanks everyone and then we see their journey in this competiton. I’m really really sad now!!!

After previously announced, Taylor Swift performs on The X Factor stage in front of judges but we have to come back to the show….

There’s still another act which has to leave the competition and first of all Mario and Khloe call the names, no in a particular order of the acts we’re going to see next week and they are: Arin, Vino, Carly Rose, Diamond, Tate, Emblem3, Beatrice, Cece and Fifth Harmony

So Jennel and Paige have to fight for the survival, it’s really hard since I really like both even though I have a particular link with Paige, for me she’s really amazing and talented!

Britney is the only one judge to still have all the four acts, well done Goddess!!!

Jennel is singing on “The Reason”, she’s really moved and her voice trembles a bit during the performance while Paige sings an amazing version of Coldplay’s “Paradise”, I have chills and my eyes are wet!

This is the moment of true, Mario asks to judges who they want to send home:

L.A.: It’s extremely difficult, this is a very unpleasant decision: I send home Jennel

Britney: You are amazing performers but I’m gonna send home Jennel

It’s Simon turn but he wants to listen Demi’s decision first, Mario says he can’t but Simon doesn’t seem to want reveal his decision so Mario asks to Demi to tell her’s one and the girl turns around to Simon… I think this isn’t the right moment for playing… I know Simon has clear ideas and already knows who’s gonna save and who’s gonna send home!

Demi: The act I’m gonna sent home is Paige

Simon, as I imagined, exactly knows who’s bring through next week and he decides to send home Jennel

I’m so sorry for her but I prefered Paige’s performance.

During the video of Jennel’s journey on X Factor, the girl breaks in tears and Demi reaches her on stage: “I really really believe in you” says her.

And now, discover the new US public chart of this week:

1. Tate

2. Carly Rose

3. Vino

4. Emblem3

5. CeCe

6. Fifth Harmony

7. Diamond

8. Beatrice

9. Arin

10. Paige

Beatrice seems to don’t be really happy of the 8th position, even though Britney is proud of her acts and she knows how much they worked during the rehearsals this week.

Demi thinks CeCe performance of last night helped her to reach few position in the chart. WHAT? Please, Demi! Last CeCe’s performance has been probably her worst ever! I can’t stand she’s at 5th and Paige at the 10th!!!!

Once again the top 3 is the same of last week and Tate reaches #1 for just +1% than Carly Rose, the cowboy thanks every country music fan which voted for him.

I’m so glad he’s still at #1 he really deserves it! I’m not agree with Paige’s position and CeCe’s one and I really can’t believe Lyric 145 left the competition!

Enjoy the episode 17:

The X Factor USA – Episode 17 – S2 [11.15.2012] di BBCTheVoiceuk1

What do you think about this double elimination? Are you agree or not?

Are there few positions in the chart would you like to change?