It’s Divas Night – The X Factor Fifth Live Show Recap [Episode 16]

November 14, 2012

Tonight the theme is divas songs and we all are ready to listen and enjoy the performances of the Top 12 even though the pressure is really high this week since two acts have to leave the competition, before to start we wish a huge good luck to everyone.

Let’s start!!!

Our four judges walks in and make few forecasts for tonight: Britney feels really confident with her group tonight while Demi thinks her acts really gonna acheive it!

It’s diva time and the first to perform is Jennel, the young adult act struts her stuff to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”. “You just returned to the competition. That smoked,” says L.A. Reid.

Also the other judges seem to be glad of her, Britney thinks Tina would be so proud: “You nailed it!” adds our Diva B. Simon is glad Jennel listened his advice of last week.

In the little introduction video we discover Jennel teaches dance in her city and she also dances for 12 years old, she’s super cute in ustream with her little dancers with “Team Jennel” printed on their tees.

Tate never hidden the lack of his family, he also talks about that with CeCe in the backstage and he says her to know his wife since high school time, she was in senior class and he was in junior one. They really are a cute couple! The cowboy performs Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” directly to his wife. “Um, ugh, you’re so good,” says Demi while Britney adds: “Your vocals are amazing!” and Simon: “Better than last week” and in the end Tate greets his wife with a: “I Love You!” soooo lovely!!!

It’s Diamond’s turn on Beyonce’s “Halo”; L.A. compliments to her for the though song choice and for the good job. Demi thinks this week was perfect for her since she’s a diva.

“I think we’re looking at a future star,” says Simon adding also to don’t sing and walk in the same time, she didn’t seem so comfortable and Britney is incredibly proud of her!

Well done, Diamond!

Beatrice performs Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”. Britney and Simon, for the first time, got into it. “I thought the song was boring. It just went on and on and on and on,” says Simon. Britney’s response? “Simon, she has more talent in her pinky than you do in all of your contestants.” Wooow wooow bow to the Queen!!! And should she be unfit to plead? Luckily Spears family won against Lufti!!!

L.A. says Beatrice to be so cute but he also thinks that wasn’t the right song for her while Demi liked it.

Bring a bit of hip hop in the competition and leave the discussion apart.

Lyric 145 performs on a master mix of Katy Perry ft. Kanye West “E.T.” and the evergreen Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and for me this mashup really rocks even though Demi doesn’t think it; L.A. feels confused and asks who’s the diva, Simon immediately replies: “Freddy Mercury was a diva!” L.A. continues with “I just think you guys have lost your way,”

Also Britney doesn’t seem convinced by the performance: “Simon I think hip hop groups should sing hip hop song!” but Simon seems doesn’t care about the other judges thoughts and compliments with the guys saying “You bring energy the show needs!”

Arin is the next and in the introduction video we notice Normani (one of the member of Fifth Harmony) and the boy are really really close but Arin says to his brother they are just friends.

The teen has a certain lady in mind while singing Madonna’s “Crazy For You”. The judges had mixed reactions. “You taking on that song is like asking a cat to eat a tiger,” says Simon.

L.A. hasn’t goosebumps after his performance, Demi adds it was really bored to watch while Britney ends with: “This is one of my favorite Madonna’s songs. You nailed it!”

Paige never hidden her difficult to grow up her little baby, probably because she lost her mom when she was only 6 years old at Christmas Eve, damn! I broke up in tears when I knew it! But I also see in her eyes a lot of strenght, she’s doing all this for her daughter and it’s one of the best thing on earth.

The 21 years old young adult has some fun on Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” with Robin S’ “Show Me Love”

“It was like a disco ball exploded onstage,” says while L.A. and Simon seem having the same opinion and both think this is her best performance so far and Demi adds: “You nailed it!”

Fifth Harmony give me tons of emotion in each performance they do, damn! They are brilliant!

Their version of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” probably is better than the original! “There’s something really lovable in all of you!” says L.A. and Britney adds to be extremely impressed.

“Maybe this isn’t a one horse race. Maybe there’s a chance that five girls with brilliant voices can win the show,” says proud Simon.

Ok, everyone of you knows how much I love Titanic and how much I love its theme, “My Heart Will Go On” always makes me cry, I don’t know why but even if I hear the first chords I start to cry, that song has a really impact on me and obviously Carly Rose makes me shiver all over my body just like Britney will say her after the little girl performed.

“Britney, it pains me to say this…but we could be looking at the winner,” said L.A. and Demi doesn’t believe that was her voice since she’s just 13 and Simon thinks Carly isn’t a human being.

I could be no more agree with all the judges, she’s simply AWESOME!

Vino is the next, damn this man gives me a lot of satisfactions every time I listen and enjoy his performances, I really can see a contract after this competition if he shouldn’t win! He rocks!

“Let’s Stay Together” is his song choice but Demi thinks isn’t the right one, even though she liked the performance, as usual she finds it boring, damn you are boring Demi, you always say the same things every time an act is in front of you!!!!!

L.A. compliments with Vino: “Despite what the diva said, you put your soul in it!”

“Your voice is so soulful, it just doesn’t make sense that that voice comes out of your body,” says Britney.

Last Simon’s group: the three Californian boys, Emblem3.

Simon thinks this performance, on Alicia Keys “No One” will put them on top because “it was absolutely brilliant.”; L.A. adds the song and the vocal were perfect.

Demi sees an improvement in their vocal and Britney knows why girls completely swoon by them, they completly heartbrokes.

The last one is CeCe, luckily they kept them as last performer because once again her performance on “All By Myself” ruined the competition.

Damn, I can’t listen her! She’s really off key, ok she’s able to keep some notes but not always, she’s really falling in the most part of the song and also a deaf can notice she can’t sing so well!!! Personally I’m agree with Britney: “Sorry, I just don’t get it!”

A little argue between L.A. and Demi, the girl says CeCe was better than Vino.

WHAT? Are you serious Demi? I loved L.A. answer: Vino was third while CeCe was in the bottom line, how she can be better?!?!?

Another fact I don’t like about Demi is why she didn’t say nothing against Britney, she said something “worse” than L.A. which said it was a good performance!!! Probably Demi is scared to discuss with Queen B since she knows Britney is right and Demi isn’t!

Simon also expresses his thought: “Very cabaret”

Which is your favorite performance of this divas night?