What Can’t K-Stew Talk To Her Dad About?

Kristen Stewart may have been seen getting skimpy in her vampire sex scenes in the last Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, but that’s nothing compared to her upcoming movie On the Road, in which she bares it all! While the 22-year-old actress isn’t afraid to do nude scenes for a role, it’s not something she’s excited to talk about with her parents – especially her dad!

“My mom came to Cannes. She loved it. She was really proud. I haven’t talked to my dad about it yet,” K-Stew admitted.

She also revealed that it was even more challenging to have her parents watch her 2010 movie, Welcome to the Rileys.

Welcome to the Rileys was probably a more difficult movie for a parent to watch. I was so sensitive after that. That character really found its way into me. I was so overtly sensitive about anything, not just overtly sexual, but anything about a young girl. It just rocked me and I think my parents could probably feel that as well. So it was just not something that we engaged or talked about.”

Yikes, wonder how Papa Stewart will react!

If you were Kristen, how would you approach your parents about your nude scenes?