BUZZIN Over Aerosmith: Best songs throughout the years

If you couldn’t tell by my tweets and Buzznet post, I’m a little in LOVE with Aerosmith. I mean, I grew up listening to the bad boys of Boston. I still remember listening to ‘Toys in the Attic’ for the first time. It was magical and changed my view on music. The group is about to release their new album ‘Music From Another Dimension’ on Nov 6. I’ve been cheating, thanks to the Rolling Stone Mag for sharing some of the new songs every week! I’m going to share my favorite Aerosmith songs with you.



‘Rag Doll’

‘What It Takes’


‘Love in an Elevator’

‘I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing’

‘Voodoo Medicine Man’

‘Sweet Emotion’

‘Same Old Song and Dance’


‘Janies Got A Gun’

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