BSTA #22: Thanksgiving


I’m not American and unfortunately I know a little about thanksgiving from the movies. I don’t celebrate also Christmas/New Year. This moment during year always makes me sad. I think that I don’t like to much December-January, the worse months for me ever.

But I’m so happy that I can take part in this assignment. And I want to thanks…

… the most some incredible person.You are my the best friend and although I didn’t meet you, it you are for me like the brother and the best friend forever. C, thank you for being, supporting, talking and hearing me always when I need. Many love for you !!!!

… my family, you gave me the life, the first breathe. And though isn’t easy it I appreciate everything what I received during my life.

…….people which support me, my dreams. You don’t know how much it means for me.

…..members/staff on Buzznet/Table Of Love. You are so great for created these great places.

…..Kerli, Outcast Youth for this amazing year. You are always so special and unique.

…..and everyone who reads it.