BSTA #22: What I’m Thankful For?

It’s such a lot of time I don’t join to BSTA and I’d like to apologize, the time isn’t enough and already updating all my stuff is hard for me, but I couldn’t miss this one because the idea was super cute and even though in Italy, my country, isn’t celebrated Thanksgiving, I wanted to leave my little turkey-hand drawing too in this assignment and I really hope you like it 🙂

So the question is: what are you thankful for?

It’s really easy! I’m thankful for my family, they always have been beside me in each kind of situation, in them I include not only my two wonderful parents but also my sponsors at Confirmation that for me are part of the family since the day they chose to be my sponsors at Confirmation and I feel so closed to them more than ever in the last 12 years.

And absolutely I’m thankful for music, without it I could be lost! It’s such an important part of my life as much as my family.

I could give up to both!