Britney Spears & Will.I.Am ‘Scream & Shout’ Video Premiere Moved On Wednesday 28

“Scream & Shout” leaked over the weekend, but it’s official debut is today at noon (PST) on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest where Britney will call in to premiere it.

UPDATE: The interview and song premiere aired this morning:


BTW the new music video premiere date is moved from this Thursday to the 28th of November.


Will.i.Am uploaded the official single cover for “Scream & Shout” to his Facebook:

Basic or brilliant?

UPDATE: November 20

Britney premiered “Scream & Shout” on On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, causing a huge buzz around the world. Unfortunately, the song’s traveling at a glacier’s pace to iTunes. What gives?

The new feature track hasn’t had the heavy debut fans hoped for because everyone’s enjoying the song illegally.

Scream & Shout comes in with a 0.826 on Mediabase. If you don’t understand that low rating, compare it to Christina Aguilera’s new single with Blake Shelton, “Just A Fool”, ranking a 0.178 AKA NOT GOOD.

Since the single AND music video release dates were both changed, let’s move up this iTunes release and get the ball rolling for a number one!

What do you expect from this music video?