Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #26

According to @ShanizAutomatic one of the girl who met Bill and Tom in the previous days in Curçao the hotel’s staff where the twins accomodated in Caribbean is glad they left because they pretended a lot of stuff also in late night… I mean, if it was true, it’s your work to serve your guests, otherwise they don’t come back anymore in your hotel… [source: Freiheit 89] It seems also the twins left Curaçao yesterday… we wait for more updates especially on BTK App 🙂

A new photo of Monday 😉

+ “DSDS 2013 – Interview with Bill & Tom Kaulitz about their work as DSDS Jury”

With the identical twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel RTL made ​​a special catch for DSDS. Two seasoned musicians who know reallywell what it’s to be a star at a young age.

They also gave an interview and told RTL about their future work as DSDS judges.

Q: “Why have you decided to take the job as a judge on American Idol?”

Bill: “We have tried in recent years to pull out completely from the public to go to the studio and especially to take a break. This year, it just fit at the request of American Idol, and we can realize good addition to the current and ongoing work in the studio. “

Tom added: “So far we have cancelled all offers of this kind.”

Bill “But we have always said that if we are jurors somewhere, then it would be in the original and the biggest show.”

Tom: “The very last kick has given us Steven Tyler, who the last year in the American version of American Idol he was a juror! We think it’s right that casting formats rely on real artists as jurors and thus get another seriousness and musical level.”

Q: Where do you see the success of American Idol?

Bill: “I think it is the show with the highest quality production and that the winner is the biggest platform for commercial success!”

Tom: “American Idol has almost something traditional. It is the classic format and casting will prevail therefore probably forever. “

Q: What must the future superstar have?

Bill: “If it fits, it fits! I will recognize him/her immediately if he or she stands before me … Basically I want strong characters, individuality and recognition!

Tom: “In addition, we would welcome female applicants and talent. In Germany there are too few good artists! “

Q: What advices would you give to candidates?

Tom: “I can say to all the girls: ‘Put on something short! Then you’ve already managed to half! That’s a male jury. ‘All grades:’ Stay at home if you can not sing!”

Bill: “Prepare you well, I have no desire to figure out, or to guess melodies. Choose the song you can sing the best and not the one that is most difficult!”

Q: Will you be strict judges?

Tom: “Yes!”

Bill: “At least I’ll try to be honest.”

Q: Arepleased with your colleagues?

Tom: “Yeah, sure! That will be quite funny. Dieter Bohlen is already for American Idol. Mateo we do not know, but let him surprise us. We were so far in Germany and give us now with American Idol again fully charged before then with the band, who knows where, on the go!”

Bill: “We look forward to work with Dieter Bohlen, to make the 10th Season American Idol.” “DSDS 2013 – Mateo of Culcha Candela talks about Bill & Tom Kaulitz as DSDS Judges”

Dieter Bohlen gets with Mateo from Culcha Candela and the boys from Tokio Hotel a new and fresh support in DSDS.


Question: “Are you excited to have your jury colleagues, what do you like about them?”

Mateo: “About Dieter Bohlen I guess first and foremost his hard work and ambition. It is not for nothing where he is – and it has been so for so many years! There are only two super-producer in Germany: Frank Farian and Dieter. Frankly, I also think sometimes his smutty humor is good. People who are upset, I prefer anyway.

The guys from Tokio Hotel are a surprise package. Tokio Hotel was so young when they were already so successful – that’s the fact you just have to show them respect. In some ways they represent indeed a lasting and successful form of a casting format, with the huge team of songwriters, producers and the like. I look and think it will be very entertaining.”


So it seems Bill and Tom left Caribbean today (November 15), according to @MikFrances who received hotel security call which confirmed her the departure of the twins…

We just waiting for a message from BTK App for being more sure than ever…

For now I wanna leave you with three new shots always from @ShanizAUTOMATIC of this Monday


Bill & Tom Kaulitz (both 23) are driven in a Cadillac convertible. Readers reporter Joachim Stumph (35) photographed the Tokio Hotel twins during a video shoot on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Relaxed-charming cruising the Tokio Totel twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) around in a convertible on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

The photo shot Bild reader reporter Joachim Stumph (35) now in his holiday. He reports: “The guys drove for a video shoot the access road to the hotel constantly up and down. they were very relaxed, friendly and remarkably at ease.”

Bill and Tom are in terms of DSDS in the Caribbean. They’re both a part of the rtl-casting show with “pop-titan” Dieter Bohlen.