Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #24

Ok, we already had the pleasure to admire new DSDS shooting but today in TH’s website appeared a new Tom’s shoot:

and lunched a new poll, about which judge has the best style:

No doubt, the new judges of the most successful talent show in this country, DSDS, is more stylish than ever before. This is mainly due to the Tokio Hotel Twins Bill (23) and Tom Kaulitz (23), who with their unusual appearance are in the headlines since their early career.

Currently, Bill has changed a lot again and he has a completely new look. His hair is now blonde, styled center up and shaved on the sides. The beard that the singer shows, gives him a more mature look. Concerned to the style, Bill is here again witha lot of jewelry and extravagant outfits. His brother Tom is not therefore less conspicuous. His dreadlocks are still dark, but they have become much longer. He argued alongside his style with the casual nature and snappy sayings from his lips. But Mateo, frontman of the band Culcha Candela has adapted. Just like Bill, he relies on silver chains to simple black and he likes to show his many tattoos. Veteran Dieter Bohlen (58) keeps still being faithful to his style. In jeans and a T-shirt, combined with a flashy jacket or colorful shoes he apparently feels most comfortable.

But which one of the four boys have is in the top for you? Vote and tell us what DSDS judge can be found as the most stylish!

The options are:

Clearly, Bill!

I like Tom’s style.

For me, David has the lead.

I like Mateo’s look.

I like all four so much.

I find they all are not so great.


And last but definitely not least, Bill posted a new update on BTK App saying to be back from the final audition before the tv broadcast on January 2013

We are super ready!