Audrey’s Poshly Holiday Giveaway: Enter To Win Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer!

I am a big fan of fashion and beauty. I love nothing more than finding a new product to obsess over for the holiday season and when I came across Poshly‘s website I was immediately in love. I teamed up with Poshly to give away my favorite Benefit Cosmetics product: Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer! Even though I’m a pale girl, I love this bronzer so much. It’s a daily must have for me. Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is great for giving you a fresh, healthy glow year-round without looking like someone from the Jersey Shore! Another favorite part of the holiday season is giving to others and that is exactly what I want to do for you!

Poshly is the world’s first website devoted to beauty giveaways! So go have fun answering questions all about YOU and checking out new products that you can WIN!

Enter to WIN this amazing bronzer! Just follow these simple steps below!

Step #1: When you get to Audrey’s giveaway page HERE on Poshly, click on the big, purple “Start the Quiz” button!

Step #2: Complete the Quiz to gain an entry to the giveaway. Make sure to sign up so Poshly knows where to send your Benefit Hoola Bronzer if you win! You’ll receive a confirmation email once you’ve been entered to the giveaway and you can find a list of all the giveaways you’ve entered on your “My Account” page.

Step #3: Really want to win my giveaway for Benefit’s Hoola bronzer?! You can get extra entries to a Poshly giveaway by answering more quiz questions. Just click on the big, green “Enter Again” button on the giveaway page.

Now hurry and enter before Friday November 30th for your chance to win HERE!

Go enter and comment with what YOUR favorite product is!