(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Visits With Her Boyfriend’s Family

Sean’s Uncle ( Dana ) and Aunt ( Katee ) live in Long Beach as well as Sean’s “Grand Pap” as he so adorbaly calls him and Step Grandmother ( Diane ). However, my boyfriend had some extra special family in town for the weekend. His Mom ( Donna ) , Uncle ( Don ), Aunt ( Bonnie ) were all in town from West Virginia. ( That’s where Sean is originally from. ) His Dad and Step Dad reside in West Virginia as well, but they weren’t in town for the weekend. His other Uncle ( Dino ) was in town all the way from Taipei to play a show at Nokia Live in LA. Sean’s uncle is a drummer in a band that’s basically as big as the Beatles over in Taipei. They’re called ‘Wu Bai &China Blue‘ –ever heard of them? It was such a cool experience seeing a band like that play. I didn’t understand a word the whole time, but the music was AWESOME. That was the highlight of the visit. We also celebrated his Mom’s birthday, went shopping, and had a fun day of exploring. I love my boyfriend’s family ( Thank God! ). They’re all so amazingly sweet. We had a good time. Check out the video from our fun weekend below! Don’t forget to check out some of the pictures in my gallery as well! xx

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Dig the background music? Those lovely sounds were provided to you by Ryan Tucker, otherwise known as ‘Ryan The Lion’. –Who also happens to be one half of a band known as ‘Da Cougars’. ( The other half being my boyfriend, Sean. ) I love them lol. Check them out here.