The X Factor Episode 8 Recap: Boot Camp Begins

Tonight bootcamp continues with Talent vs. Talent

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

Jennel would like to have a song in her style.

Demi: I’m so nervous for them!

The two girls perform on the song but Simon isn’t agree: just don’t get it! It didn’t represent you!

It was ok for Tara but not for Jennel… I’m so sorry for her, the performance was good for both!

Beatrice Miller vs. Carly Rose Sonenclar

Britney – talking about Carly: She’s amazing!

Vino Alan vs. David Correy

David says that Vino is like his brother but today there’s a competition. He needs X Factor for to know his birth mother. I really hope he can find her even if he should win the talent!

They chose “What’s Going On?” and I can say it’s my favorite performance till now but it seems Vino didn’t like how he sung and throws his hat in the backstage. He’s really nervous and angry!

Britney – about Vino: He scares me a little bit!

Diamond White vs. Dinah Jane

Before to walk on stage they talk with the vocal coach… The song chose is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (K. Clarkson), unluckily Dinah makes a few errors and once walks off stage she hopes the judges don’t count this little error.

For me they did an amazing performance, I love the song and it’s perfect for their voices.

Britney: very good!

LA: too cute!

The follow performances aren’t so good… the tension starts to get the best

LA: Someone win, someone lost!

When Joffrey sings his part Demi comments saying: There’s fire in his eyes!

A little break: in the backstage the judges receive the new Pepsi taste they chose in a few episodes ago! This is soo lovely! I really would like to taste the new Pepsi too!

Willie Jones vs. Tate

Willie is the first to sing but something goes wrong, probably he forgot the lyrics or changed the verses and he is really upset once in the backstage.

LA: Did you know the song?

Willie: No… he (Tate) said to remeber it from the 90s and I thought it was cool to do it!

And then he starts to cry… I’m so sorry for him!

Arin vs. Normani

For Arin is a second chance, he already tried last year with a group but he didn’t get it!

He thinks Normani is super cute and it seems they worked really good together… This is a performance: I loved it! There was complicity between them! This is what the judges need!

Normani: Funny experience

Britney: I’m glad they improved!

Jillian vs. Latasha

LA: There’s the moment of you to stay or the moment you to go home

Probably this phrase impressed Latasha that after few verses she stops to sing and starts to cry. And Jillian tries to save the performance giving the best she can in her part!

Britney: She was just nervous, she is very talented!

Jillian once off on stage reveals her worry for Latasha, she hops the girl feels better!

Demi: Pressure is really getting to them!

And also Britney seems really nervous

Also the next performance aren’t so good: forgotten lyrics, tension, tears…

A contestant, Jessie, thinks Simon is disgusted by his performance.

And when a little girl forgets the lyrics and start to cry, Britney isn’t able to keep her emotions and start to cry too…

I’m so sorry for my lovely Goddess! :'(

I’m really emotive too, I can understand her! You reflect in contestants feelings and you start to cry too!

And just like yesterday the episode closes with Paige vs. Cece

Cece: I’m here to win! I’m the winner!

The song is “Secrets” (One Republic) and before to star to sing the two girls express their thoughts to the judges… from a side we can see the genuine of Paige’s tears from the other side something of planned by Cece after have seen Paige. I don’t like false and fake people!

Britney: I love Paige!

Oh my Goddess, I always knew to have the same thoughts! I’m so glad you love her just like me. Paige is amazing!

Next week 60 acts become 24!

Stay Tuned!

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Which has been your favorite Talent vs. Talent performance?