Would You Rock: These Ouija Board Garter Socks?

I’m going to use Halloween being just around the corner as an excuse to start posting a bunch of occult-inspired fashion as if I wouldn’t wear it year-round (I would). First up: These Ouija Board garter socks. Pros: Ouija Boards are awesome, they added a cool skull to the print, and maybe in a pinch you could channel some ghosts on your shins. Cons: Not entirely sure about this whole garter sock concept. Don’t socks usually just stay up on their own? Isn’t that what that new-fangled invention elastic is for? The website says “Perfect for mini skirts and socks” which also throws me off as…aren’t they socks? Are they perfect for other socks? But still…Ouija Boards are awesome. Mull over it and let me know:

Would you rock them?

(Too Fast Ouija Garter Socks, $16 at Dolls Kill)