Which Celeb Was Ryan Gosling Caught Cheek-to-Cheek With? (Hint: NOT Eva Mendes!)

As far as we know, Hollywood’s favorite real-life superhero Ryan Gosling is (unfortunately) still with his gal-pal, lucky actress Eva Mendes. While rumors swirled that the couple had split up, it’s been reported they are still very much together. So what was the 31-year-old actor doing going cheek-to-cheek with another woman in public on October 16th? Was he caught in the act of cheating on his girl?

As if! Our beloved Ry-Gos would never cheat! Eva has nothing to worry about – as Ryan was merely filming a slow dance scene with co-star Rooney Mara for their upcoming movie, The Untitled Terrence Malick Project. Ryan and Rooney spent all day filming on set, and at one point Ryan turned the camera and filmed Rooney taking a break. Cute!

If you could slow dance to one song with Ry-Gos, what would it be?