What To Wear To Concerts: Fall Edition

It’s time to hang up your high waisted shorts/bandeau’s and break out the jeans,sweaters and leather jackets ladies! Fall concert season is here! I’ve put together a list of outfits for you guys to try out this season that will make any band guy think you’re a true ROCK STAR. enjoy xx

Vintage Band Tee: Pair your old Led Zep or Montely Crew shirt with some funky printed jeans.Add a leather jacket, vest, or denim shirt to create the look of a glam rock star.

Hippie Chic: My signature look. Pick either a sheer long maxi skirt or floral printed leggings. Keep the top basic with the printed leggings and fun with the maxi skirt (Tie Dye all the way). You of course can’t forget my staple piece, Floarl headband or head chain

Girly Girl: Pick out a fun and flirty dress. Keep the hair simple with a bun or pony tail and you’ll def look like you belong with one of the musicans. Add some combat boots and you’re all set

Laid-back Jack: Take any oversized flannel or sweater and pair with jeans. Add high tops or boots to add some depth to your outfit.

Fashion Is Fab: Let Me Know What You Like To Wear To Shows During The Fall In A Comment Below.