Three For Free: Snow Patrol, The Heartbreaks And Foxes Give Away Remixes

Feeling like you’re stuck in a musical rut? Tired of listening to the same songs on repeat? Wish that you could move on from 2008? If so, here’s three gifts that will give a new lease of life to your mp3 collection. I’ve scoured the web for three free remixes so that the ‘old’ can be new.


Snow Patrol

If, for some inconceivable reason, you’re bored of the original, Snow Patrol have spiced up one of their best known songs taking it from indie rock to “electronic house“. Think of it as ‘Chocolate‘ – with added chilli; while most people think the base ingredient is perfect left alone, others welcome the new taste created.

The song was remixed by Snow Patrol’s very own Tom Simpson and Johnny McDaid and is available to download now via SoundCloud.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

The Heartbreaks

In celebration of their recent single ‘Polly‘, British indie band The Heartbreaks have dropped a new EP containing remixes of the song. The release is originally titled ‘Polly Remixed EP‘ and is available for free now. It contains versions of the single remixed by Club Clique, Karate Suit and the band themselves.

You can get the three tracks for free if you sign up to their mailing list before November 5th.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE


Foxes (not to be confused with those that are Fleet) is the pseudonym of 22 year-old London-based musician Louise Rose Allen (not to be confused with Lily, or Lucy).

In support of her upcoming tour dates with Marina & The Diamonds, Foxes is giving away a MONSTA remix of her new single ‘Echo’. All that she asks from you is that you tweet to help spread the word.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, WATCH THE ORIGINAL ABOVE / DOWNLOAD THE REMIX HERE

Which of the three freebies is your favorite?