Three For Free: Halloween Special – Three Free Spooky Songs

With Halloween falling on ‘Hump Day‘ this year, plenty of ghosts and ghouls have been prematurely celebrating All Hallows’ Eve over the weekend. However if you’re a traditionalist who’s saving their pumpkin carving for Wednesday, here are three free songs related to the holiday season.

Free candy, free songs – they’re one of the same. TRICK OR TREAT!.

Stephen Lynch

To celebrate his new album ‘Lion‘ being released on November 13th, comedian Stephen Lynch has dug up one his old songs from its grave just in time for the fall party season.

You can get your free download of the aptly-named ‘Halloween‘ from his 2005 live album The Craig Machine via the link below.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Ninja Betty and the Nunchix

Glamour and Halloween should not go together. Forget cat suits and ‘sexy devils’, the true spirit of Halloween is about blood, guts and gore – not hair straighteners, foundation and falsies. However if you can’t resist a bit of glitz, Ninja Betty and the Nunchix offer the best of both worlds.

You can download ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous‘ for free by following the official links listed.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN HERE / DOWNLOAD HERE

House Of Fools

House Of Fools offer a “name your price” policy on their latest offering – ‘Tricky Treats – Part One‘. If you think their Halloween costume cover art is worthy of a few sweets then you can make a donation. If not, you can keep your candy to yourself and download it for free anyway.

Their new song is now available via BandCamp.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN HERE, DOWNLOAD HERE

Which of the three free songs is your favourite?