No Second Chances, Or You Stand Up Or You Go Home – The X Factor Episode 7

This week it’s bootcamp in Miami.

The first shots are about our contestant who’s greeting their parents.

They have to go in Miami for bootcamp and it will be really hard because now you only have your own support and the strenght to leave a sign in judges heart.

They have the pleasure to stay at Mondrain Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, and relaxing a bit in the pool before the beginning of battle.

This will be the most intense week of their life” says Simon.

The bootcamp happens in “The Fillmore” and in this task one, contestant has to perform on one song previously chose and try to convice the judges to pass the second round.

No second chances, or you stand up or you go home” tells Britney.

Diamond White is the first one to perform on “I Have Nothing” (W. Houston)

Damn, I started to cry since the first chord. This little girl has something really special in her voice.

Demi (whispering): She’s amazing!

Judges are really impressed!

Paige Thomas is afraid because she sounds really similar to her and probably there’s only a place for a voice like this.

After the performance of Austin Corini, it’s the time of David Jane (“Mercy” – Duffy)

LA: Entertainin’

Simon: I like him

Dinah Jane Hansen chooses “Hero” (M. Carey)

Simon: I like her!

She receives good impression by the judges and I’m agree with them, she’s another great singer!

Performance by performance we see Lyric Da Queen and Simon seems to like her and then we listen Jason Brock

LA: I think he’s amazing

Simon: Really good voice

And then there’s the time of Carly Rose Sonenclar and Vino says to Tate: “There’s some talent, like star children, right?”

Jessica Espinoza is really excited and nervous. She thinks there are a lot of other great voices there but she won’t to go home and disappoint anyone.

Demi: You are the only one I remember the first and the last name!

The girl sings “Hero” (M. Carey) but Demi seems not satisfied of her: She’s not as I remember – said.

Jennel Garcia is the first time far from her parents and this is such a match for her, Jillian Jensen takes her a bit of company before her performance and the two girls talk about how excited they are.

But it seems that all the nervous is transformed in a really great performance on stage.

Demi: Crazy sexy appeal

LA: Very spicy

In the backstage Britney expresses her opinion saying that she knows how can be hard for the contestants being there under pressure….

It’s the time of Vino Alan and Simon spends great words for him, it’s not in the same way for Johnny Maxwell that during his performance on “I’ll Be Missing You” (P. Diddy), Britney noticed he forgot the lyrics.

“That was such a random choice” says a contestant about that song.

Also Jordyn Frey doesn’t impressed the judges.

Simon: That was just dreadful. I’m really disappointed!

It’s no less so Manny Acorta:

Demi: Oh my Gosh, what happened?

Britney: They’re letting their nerves get the best of them!

Trevor, the sweet boy who impressed the audience with his “I’m Sexy And I Know It” performance after have been sick before to walk on stage, really disappoints the judges with a bad performance on “Starships” (N. Minaj)

Simon: I thought he was going to be a lot better and I liked him. I liked his first audition

LA: He just wasn’t there today!

And also the little Jake forgets the lyrics and he walks off on stage in tears

“I’m sad” says Britney “I’m so sorry for him” – she is really moved by what happened, oh sweety!

But his mommy tries to cheer him up!

But there’s who think to be better than the other as Emblem3 group, they haven’t seen another group great as them among the contestants and meanwhile the others perform they comment what’s wrong with them…. I have to say that when they started to perform on “Iris” (Goo Goo Dolls) I didn’t recognize the song immediately, this means they aren’t so good!

Tara Simon impresses the judges in her leopard mini dress rocking on “Somebody To Love” (Queen)

Simon: It was more than what we expected for.

But Britney’s face doesn’t seem to think the same hahaha

and she’s not impressed also by Willie Jones

“I’m not a fan. The best parts are when he sings really really low. But like, in his natural singing voice he’s not very good” she explains.

The last two performances will be the one of Paige Thomas and Cece Frey

For a fluk the two girls chose the same song: “I Will Always Love You” (W. Houston)

LA: Tough song!

She was really nervous but in my opinion she did a great performance, she gives a personal mark. The judges always said to interpret the song and not copy it like Cece did. She just sung it in the Whitney Houston’s way and ok, she got the chord in a better way than Paige but Paige was more passionate.

Simon announces that the first round is finished. Who’s gonna pass?

Britney: It’s a really tough decision!

Judges are alone making their decisions but it seems they have different thoughts…

Technicians after a while call on stage a few group of people then the judges expresses the result: a yes or a no!

In the first group we find contestants like Paige, Diamond, Jason, Jennel…. and Simon is glad to say them it’s a YES!

LA comunicates the result at the second group formed by Jessica, Jordyn, Trevor and other guys:

“We discussed… it’s a 5$ million price, really serious prize… you have to go home. Sorry guys!”

And Demi announces to the third group (Joffrey, Cece, Jillian, Vino, Reed) that they path continues!

Which is your favorite performance of this first day of bootcamp?