A Rocket To The Moon: Wild And Free Tour

The Wild and Free tour featuring A Rocket to the Moon stopped in my lovely town Thursday night. Lots of die hard fans showed up and were treated to a night of music, laughs and dancing. The guys announced that they will be releasing a full length album in January (CHEERS). I know I can hardle wait to hear that bad boy. They played new and old songs including my personal fav’s, ‘On A Lonely Night’ and ‘ Like I Use To‘. Let’s just say they had me when they covered Justin Bieber and Backstreet Boys.

Make sure to check out A Rocket To The Moon if they’re hitting your town soon

Oct 23: Chicago

Oct 24: Pittsburgh

Oct 26: Boston

Oct 27: West Chester

Oct 28: Virgina

Oct 30: New York

Oct 31: Rhode Island

Nov 2: Napa California