A Rocket To The Moon Want A ‘Whole Lotta You’

The gentlemen of A Rocket to the Moon have released a music video for their song, “Whole Lotta You.” This feel-good tune is off of their EP titled, That Old Feeling.

Featuring grassy fields, an outdoor performance and sizzling sparklers, the video complements the laid-back mood and earthiness of the song. It truly makes me want to grab an acoustic guitar to go adventuring with some of my closest friends.

I’ve always associated A Rocket to the Moon as a band that could make a person swoon, so I really enjoy the lyric’s sweetness and sense of desire.

“Get me buzzed on your loveLemme steal a kissBubblegum on your tongue No I can’t resistGotta leave all your worries at the doorCuz life ain’t nothin but a big dance floor”

What are your thoughts on the video and song?

Do you want a “whole lotta” these guys?

Will you be seeing A Rocket to the Moon on tour with Austin Gibbs and Bonaventure this month?