Real GIRLS Have Curves: Lena Dunham For ASOS

I love me some Lena Dunham and am ALWAYS excited to see her in clothes that live up to her overachieving “voice of a generation” brain. Not only does she seem to sum up my life into witty, Brooklyn-y words, but then she goes ahead and gets a mo’ fuggin obscure Grey Gardens tattoo (comment if you get it…because I want to know you.)

While Lena isn’t necessarily hailed for her glamorous style and has gotten some flack for her size (LAME) ASOS took a chance and featured her on their magazine cover this month. One word: ADORABLE! Okay, maybe a few more words like…jealous, want to be you, can we at least be friends?

Check out the gallery below! Don’t you think magazines should use more non-bones models??