Question of the Day: And the Weirdest Band You’ve Ever Heard Of Is….

While I was searching the Twitterverse for snazzy questions to ask you, nothing really struck me as question worthy. Apparently, it’s National Bum Bum Day but we don’t really want to talk about that because we don’t have a “Buzznet After Dark” thing going on and that’s just a big nope.


Today’s question mostly comes from Buzznet, because of reasons. I was looking for things to look at (because that’s what I do) and then I found this little blog about a band called Kazaky:


Now this isn’t the WEIRDEST band that I’ve ever heard but I was not expecting this at all today. It’s mostly like some Zoolander extras got together and made a band. Have fun enjoying! I just wanted to share this with you and ask you about bands that struck you out of left field. They sure do know how to wear some damn heels.


So there you go. Talk to me about bands that you think are weird. Today is all about sharing. Let’s get this party started! Go!

What’s the weirdest band you’ve ever heard of?