Question of the Day: Things You Hate Buying

Sometimes, I just want things to be given to me, like for free. Remember when everyone had Napster or Limewire (lol) and we all thought it was the coolest thing ever because then everything in the music sphere was ours for the taking? Then, Metallica got mad and then everyone was all LOL STFU LARS and then that ended.

James wore plaid shorts and flip flops, so I wore plaid shorts and flip flops.

There are some things that I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay for. You know, like whenever I go to a hotel, there should be toothpaste. They have soap, tp, lotion, coffee and mouthwash (sometimes), but no toothpaste.

Also, I hate buying my own tp. That should be dropped off at my house once a month. And trash bags. I guess I just hate buying dumb stuff. If you have a car, I bet you think the price of gas is ridiculous. You are probs right about that though. Gas is expensive. Why do we have to pay for that? We should be flying around in cars that use magnets and stuff already. That’s another topic.

Anyway, what types of things are you tired of paying for? Talk to me about those. You can make a list and it will be awesome.

Which things do you hate buying?