Question of the Day: What’s Most Healthy Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

According to internet, it’s Food Day! From the looks of the site that’s in that link to the left, it all looks like healthy stuff, so that is what we are going to talk about today. I think we’ve talked about gross foods before but and staying healthy but not actual healthy food, right? Who knows. We’ve had many QOTD’s and I always forget them.


It’s really hard finding gifs for everything, but I think I do a good job. Anymews, sometimes I don’t want to eat healthy, kinda like how sometimes I don’t want look at white girls with dread locks, but that’s a whole different convo.


I like to think that I eat relatively healthy. The thing is, most of the stuff I eat just happens to be fried which makes it not healthy. So sad, amirite? Whatever.

When I am trying to eat super healthy, I’ll eat things that are gluten free (but that’s usually just as bad but a different type of stach and I’m probably wrong). I’ll also drink hella veggie juices and eat raw foods but I only do that if I know I have been eating super crappy and I need to give my body a break.

Veggie juices look gross but they taste nom-y:

And so now it’s your turn. Let’s talk about healty stuff! Let’s talk about posi vibes and how the earth is our mother and wear no shoes today. Yay!

What’s are your go to healthy foods?